We support companies of tomorrow

We support companies of tomorrow

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IT Services

For smooth functioning and maximum availability.

Software Engineering

From proof of concept to highly available, highly scalable applications.

Product Development

Turn ideas into a roadmap. Create better products together!

Our goal is to help with new technological opportunities in order to grow your business and to provide you with a quick overview of emerging trends by clear facts and analyses. As a result we provide the basis for decision making to guide your company into a successful future.

Our strengths include rapid and profound analysis of the tasks and extensive expertise with many years of experience in the IT services sector.

Our Cyber Emergency Response Team

When the digital storm hits and your organization faces a cyber attack, our CERT steps in as your beacon of hope. Here’s how we help when the worst already happened:


We quickly determine where the vulnerability has occurred and establish the extent of the damage


Like surgeons, we isolate the threat and prevent further damage to your systems.


Our experts meticulously remove all traces of the attacker from your devices and network


We work with you to restore your system and network to their pre-incident state. From critical applications to data storage – we are with you every step of the way

Why choose our Cyber Emergency Response Team?


Battle-tested in the cyber trenches, we’ve seen it all. Our scars are our strength.


We don’t just patch; we rebuild with surgical precision.

24/7 Availability

Attacks don’t wait for office hours, and neither do we.


Your success is our mission. We collaborate closely with your team, sharing insights and strategies.

When the chips are down, we rise. Trust our CERT to turn chaos into resilience.

We built some pretty useful tools

Our Products

Remote Monitoring and Management reinvented

Cloud based remote management and monitoring with integrated patch management, CMDB for Microsoft Windows server and client infrastructure, software distribution, network management & more.

Deny Network access to unregistered Devices

Cloud based remote management and monitoring with integrated patch management, CMDB for Microsoft Windows server and client infrastructure, software distribution, network management & more.

Update Systems from Command-line

WuInstall is a command line tool that allows to install Windows Updates on demand. This gives you full control over the patching process. You decide what patches should be applied when and on which machine.

Excise Movement Control System

The Excise Movement Control System is an IT system for monitoring the movement of excisable goods within the EU. Goods subject to excise duty are alcohol, tobacco products and energy products, such as mineral oils.

About us

hs2n was founded in 2001 and specialises in IT support for medium-sized and large companies.
The three founders focussed on security in data processing using unconventional methods. The company attracted worldwide attention with its software patch product WuInstall. This enabled the company to establish numerous international contacts with well-known corporations and laid the foundation for the international customer landscape.

The Founders: Markus Schoas, Markus Huber and Michael Satlow

Many years of project experience and a wide-range of expertise combined with innovative and a creative approach makes hs2n an efficient partner. The team of hs2n competently masters the various challenges arising from customers in various industries. The developed solutions provide guaranteed quality, reliability and stable performance.

We want to be pioneers in the IT sector and create special solutions by opening up new fields of technology.

This is our Philosophy

Our Philosophie

  1. We put our emphasis on building the foundation of our relationship through sincerity and cooperation

2. The satisfaction of our customers is top priority for hs2n

3. Our services are tailor made to meet the needs of our customers

4. We build long-lasting partnerships with trust and respect forming the basis of a successful business 

Our trusted business customers

We are a precision IT manufactory and are very happy that our customers have an excellent quality awareness, appreciate and love our services.